Chip is a Lead Solution Engineer and Team Lead for the Sales Performance Management team at Salesforce. Prior to that, Chip worked as a Solution Engineer for many companies including: IBM, Information Builders and others.

Chip graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi where he was an RA and a member of the Fencing Club.

Chip is an Air Force brat who lived in many states as well as Germany and England growing up. He continues to enjoy travel as well as visiting his family in Northern Ireland.

Chip is a member of Lafayette Lodge #44 in Cumming. He is the two-time past President of the Robert Forsyth Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution. He is also a member of the Holland Society of New York. He is currently applying to join the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War as well as the Order of Founders and Patriots. Chip has had 3 Patriot lines approved by the SAR and is working on 8 more.

When he isn't attending meetings at any of those clubs, Chip is an Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 143 and Troop 5109. He was recently elected into the Order of the Arrow and is preparing for his Vigil. Chip has attended Florida Sea Base, Summit and Philmont for the BSA Triple Crown of High Adventure.

Feel free to contact Chip on LinkedIn or review his resume below.

You can also access his public encryption key.

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